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Quality Kitchen Accessories

BBS ltd would like to introduce our customers to a range ofhigh quality stylish, bakeware, cookware, kitchen gadgets, tools, utensilsand kitchen Equipmentaccessories. We have chosen practical and innovative items, designed to enhance your kitchen,built for Robustness, designed to last. Good quality kitchen accessories are a must for all professional chefs, go into any professional kitchen and you will see pots and pans built to last, BBS believe the cookware we offer on our site has this long lasting quality, but as well, offering a range of stylish looking equipment. Beka is a name that has been around for 100 years building their quality pots and pans in Germany.

Iris kitchen utensils C`est Ca Aprons bake o Glide Robot coupe
Iris kitchen utensils Cest ca Aprons Bake o Glide Baking Robot coupe
Iris cooking utensils

Iris utensils are high quality stylish solutions for your kitchen that are both practical and innovative. These high Quality stainless steel kitchen utensils, designed for professional chefs are made from for everyday use, practical and innovative. Quality Altis Stainless steel and Nylon utensils, made to last for home orcommercialuse. Highest quality Whisks with stainless steel hoops available in four different styles made for the job in hand, Holed Turner Cooking Spoon made in stainless or nylon so this end does not damage the pan. Soup Ladles with strong handles and spouts for pouring those fine soups other specialized ladles are available for gravy etc,Spaghetti Spoons as used by professional chefs, a Stainless steel strong Potato Masher that actually mashes potatoes with ease. Pizza Cutter with sharp edge for cutting pizzas with ease. Best quality Peelers, stylish Bottle Opener, Ice Cream Scoop strong enough to for dish up the bombes and quality homemade ice cream you are serving to your guests, Stainless steel Apple Corer and Lemon Zester and strong sharp Cheese Plane for cutting cheddar cheese and other hard cheeses. Iris is a name you can rely on for quality kitchen utensils.

Beka Cookware

For over 100 years, ever since it was established by Daniel Braun and Jakob Kemmler in Germany, Beka has specialized in producing high quality cookware that is beautifully designed and easy to use. Manufactured to standards that ensures Beka cookware will last a lifetime. Believing this high quality cookware meets the needs and demands of cooking healthy and nutritional foods. Beka cookware describes their values as looking at cookware from the customer’s perspective. Beka CREATES cookware that guides cooks to prepare refined nourishing and appetizing food. Products are designed to fit your type of preparation. The Beka name guarantees a brand that stands for quality and reliability and style, which guarantees you the experience of a lifetime. The most important ingredient is care. Looking at cookware from a different angle Beka cookware always seeks to equip cooks with the best possible cookware to prepare nourishing and appetizing food. Our cooking experience doesn’t only depend on the amount of time we spend preparing a meal, (or lack of it!). It is also related to the type of chef we want to be. One moment, we feel like cooking a healthy, light and balanced meal. At other times we like to indulge our friends or family with a nice, copious dinner, and sometimes we feel the urge to Create, to explore and to be inventive with foreign or unknown ingredients and herbs. There are three different ways to cook food: healthy, culinary & creative; thus three different ways of choosing the right cookware that fits the job. Beka looks at cookware from a customer’s perspective and creates the best solutions, whether we want to cook in a healthy, and more culinary or creative way. Depending on the moment and depending on the type of chef we wish to be. Healthy Fresh ingredients carefully balanced and cooked to perfection. Nowadays, people are increasingly health-conscious when it comes to their food, but they don't want to compromise on taste and appearance. It's all about balancing delicious flavours and food prepared in a healthy way. Beka has a variety of different cookware products which suit both European and Asian cooking styles. They allow health conscious cooks to achieve appetizing results, whatever style of cooking they prefer. Creative and surprising combinations adventurously selected and creatively assembled. Today’s creative cooks are not afraid of experimenting with exotic ingredients and daring combinations. They like to surprise and delight guests with their flair for flavour and presentation. No matter what innovative dish they wish to create and no matter what style of cuisine they use to create it with, Beka has cookware that allows them to experiment to their heart’s content. Beka produces good, honest cookware for producing good, honest food. Nothing too flamboyant but perfectly balanced for easy use and for providing enjoyment every day. Beka understands the quiet satisfaction that comes from producing high quality food.