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The amazing Magimix Gelato Chef is ideal for making Italian style Magimix ice cream makersice cream in a matter of minutes and as there is a built in freezer there is no need to pre freeze the bowl, you can entertain as many people as you need to with the Gelato Chef. This unique ice cream machine comes with a fixed bowl and an extra removable bowl for making any additional batches. You can choose from a wide range of tasty ingredients including fresh fruit and luxurious fresh cream or even frozen yoghurts, so that you can indulge yourself and any guests.

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The ice cream that you produce with the Gelato Chef will be ready in as little as thirty minutes, so you do not have to wait for hours or even days to enjoy the delicious result. Ice cream is always tastier when it has been home made, and your concoction can be made to order for yourself, your family and friends to suit all tastes. Simply pour the ingredients into the machine and carry on with other tasks for only around thirty minutes, then enjoy the unbeatable flavour of your ice cream. The ice cream maker is so versatile that you can make sherbet, bombes or sorbets with it, whenever the mood takes you. With the Gelato Chef quality, power and versatility are integrated perfectly so that you always get the best possible results, whether you are preparing ice cream or other tasty treats for yourself or for a large group of people.

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Magimix le glacier Ice Cream Machine


The remarkable power of the Magimix Le Glacier ice cream maker will make the task of preparing home made ice cream a real treat. Your own choice of ingredients whether they consist of luxurious summer fruits or indulgent clotted cream will be perfectly prepared in the Le Glacier. You will be astounded and pleasantly surprised by the speed at which this ice cream maker works; your delicious frozen treat will be ready in just twenty minutes. The entertaining possibilities will be limitless as the machine comes with an additional bowl for making any extra batches that may be needed. The ice cream that you produce with the Le Glacier will be tastier than shop bought produce as it will have all the flavour of homemade icecream cooking, and your concoction can be even made to order for your family and friends so that all tastes are catered for. Simply pour the ingredients into the ice cream maker and complete other tasks that you may have for the short twenty minute and then enjoy the delicious flavour of your ice cream. The Le Glacier is incredibly versatile; you will be able to make sherbet or sorbets, whenever you feel like it. With the Le Glacier quality, speed and versatility are all combined so you always get the best results, whether you are preparing ice cream or other delicious dishes for yourself or for a large party of guests.

Magimix le glacier Ice cream makers

Magimix are proud to provide their customers with their range of exceptional ice cream makers, and know that every model will work perfectly to deliver the best results. An ice cream maker should be the ideal combination of versatility, power and quality with the added bonus of speedy working. Magimix makes sure that all these important elements are incorporated into every model, so that the ice cream you make with each product will only be the best. Magimix works hard to ensure that each ice cream maker will help you to enjoy experimenting with ingredients and creating new delicious recipes for every occasion. Preparing and making ice cream should be fun and not a complicated task; the process is always simple and enjoyable with Magimix products thanks to the perfect design of every ice cream maker. You can make an array of different flavoured frozen treats including ice cream, sorbet and sherbet to suit all seasons and tastes, simply place the ingredients into the machine and wait for the tasty treat. You can even choose to make your recipe low fat by using healthier food items, so that you can still indulge yourself even when you are counting the calories. There is no end to the possibilities with your Magimix ice cream maker and no limit to how much of each recipe you can make; you can entertain knowing that there will always be ample amounts and flavours for everyone to enjoy.


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