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Bake O Glide Multigrade Roll 400mm x 330mm for Baking




Reusable baking liner. This can be used for baking, roasting, grilling, frying in the microwave and freezing. Healthy option to cooking needs no oil or grease.


The original Bake-O-Glide Multigrade, Superior non-stick, reusable cooking liner Smoother, stronger and thicker. 100% PTFE coating, with care will last 100`s of times giving years of service.  No more aluminium foil, parcement, Greaseproof Paper - fantastic for calorie and Cholesterol concious.

Size 400mm x 330 for cutting with scissors,  use a paper template or draw round tray / tin / pan for correct size. 

Stop burnt pans - simply cut to size to use in Frying pans, griddles, saucepans for omelettes, scambled eggs.

Fat free cooking - fried eggs, steak , fish, burgers simply cut to size of frying pan griddle.  

Line Roasting tins and dishes - cook meat, poultry and fish without additional fats, ideal for BBQ spare ribs, pizzas and oven chips.

Microwave Cooking - cut to size of microwave turntable, dishwasher proof.

Cake tin Liner - cut to fit sides and base of tins and trays, no need to grease or flour, great for meringues, flapjacks, fruitcakes etc.  

Easy clean , lightweight, portable, non stick, ideal for rolling out pastry, Marzipan and Sugerpaste, fantastic for kneading dough and chocolate, also suitable non stick for all craft work. 

Bake-o-Glide is the trade name for a PTFE-coated fabric that is often used as a non-stick baking sheet. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) was discovered and developed by Dupont, whose trade name for it is Teflon®. It is a fluorocarbon plastic - a plastic where the hydrogen normally found in association with carbon in organic materials has been replaced by fluorine. This produces a number of remarkable properties; PTFE is reputedly the most inert substance known to man affected only by a number of uncommon substances at high temperatures, and is therefore suitable for food-contact. It is also very low-friction, non-stick and easy-clean. It is resistant to fungus, mildew, chemical corrosion and moisture, and because it resists extreme heat and cold it can be used in both the oven and freezer.


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