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Magimix Blenders, spice mill, Blend cups, Parts

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Magimix Blender

This powerful and quiet Magimix blender uses a unique mixing system for a finer blend. The heat-resistant borosilicate glass jug has a watertight lid and pouring lip for complete ease of use. 600rpm >1500rpm with a turbo pulse function for a creamier texture. Automatic pre-set functions for soup, smoothies, frozen desserts and crushed ice ensure you don’t have to muddle through confusing settings: simply press a button and you’re on your way to delicious, healthy snacks and meals. A large 1.8L capacity glass jug provides plenty of space, and thanks to a 1200W output it won’t be long until you are enjoy the fruits of your culinary labour! The Magimix blender is designed to be easy to clean and completely disassembles. You can be creatively experiment using the included recipe book. 380mm high x 160mm deep x 140mm deep.

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Magimix liquidiser

With a Magimix blender (See Blender in use) you can be sure that all of your ingredients, no matter what their texture will be blended to perfection. You can prepare many dishes without disruption thanks to its distinctive design and powerful performance. Every kitchen will be an efficient and truly enjoyable place to prepare food with this blender feature addition , and your work surface will not be cluttered as it simply fits inside the main bowl with out the need of an additional blender. Your Magimix blender will provide you with the quality and power that will enable you to create and enjoy your favourite recipes in all seasons, and at any time of the day or night. Your culinary routine will be revolutionised by this outstanding piece of kitchen equipment, and you will want to create the experience of efficient food preparation many times over. Your family and friends will always want more when you create tasty treats with your Magimix blendermix. 

Of course, a full range of magimix spare parts , we try to keep in stock at all times. Your blenders feature can help to transform your daily routine as it will save you so much time when you need to prepare food quickly. The powerful technology that is inbuilt will help you to create an array of delicious recipes in minutes so that your schedule is not disrupted. If you do happen to have more time it will be simple and pleasurable to experiment with your blender; you can add as many ingredients, including fruit and vegetables and spices, as you wish and wait to try the tasty results. Entertaining will be no problem as you can put together a mouth-watering menu for as many people as you need to in no time at all, and your guests will always want to return for more. You can make yourself a tasty treat when you want to be spoiled and enjoy it in minutes. With the perfectly designed form and clean lines of your blender you can give it pride of place in your kitchen, and enjoy its elegant chrome appearance. You will have plenty of room to manoeuvre around the blender while it sits on your kitchen worktop and enjoy the convenience of it being within easy reach. Your Magimix blender mix will make it easy for you to enjoy all kinds of recipes that you may not otherwise have thought to create.

Magimix 17654 mill attachment (< as shown) ,This powerful mill attachment has specially designed blades to allow simple grinding of spices and coffee beans in seconds, The heat-resistant borosilicate glass jug has a watertight lid for complete ease of use.  Fits on top of the blender ideal for making Tandoori spice mix, homemade Curry paste, minted mango chutney, Barbeque spice mix, parma violet sugar, spiced salt, Tapenades, salsa, creole dips and excellant for Baby food. This will fit the Magimix blender model s 11610 11615 11619 11611 11613 11627 11628 11629.





Magimix Blendermix food processor

Magimix blendermix attachment, which is simply a round crown shaped piece of plastic, improves the blender functionblendermix ring by changing the direction of the liquid from centrifugal to a vortex which produces perfect Soups, Pancake batter, Milkshakes and Smoothies this enables you to get optimum performance with the minimum amount of effort on your part, so that you can enjoy your freshly blended food in a matter of minutes. The Magimix blender mix food processor is a perfect combination of powerful technology, efficient running and versatility, which all work effortlessly to create the ideal kitchen worktop addition. The attractive range of finishes will compliment any kitchen décor and reflects the quality and smoothness on which this unique appliance operates. There are a wide range of delicious dishes that you can prepare with your Magimix blendermix; the choices are endless. You will find it simple and fun to experiment with a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables of your choice, to make a huge variety of dishes to suit all occasions. For the cooler winter months you can prepare the ingredients to create a tasty soup which will only need to be heated afterwards; if you choose you can eat it cold with a tasty salad in the summer. Whatever the season a smoothie is always a tasty treat, but perhaps no time is better to enjoy the flavours of this drink than in the heat of the summer months. Choose your favourite fresh or frozen fruits and fruit juices, add ice or yogurt and simply press the button on your Magimix food processor with blender mix. Your smoothie will be ready in seconds for you to enjoy in your garden. For the perfect addition to any dessert prepare a tangy puree using your choice of fresh fruit, and simply pour it over your pudding. When you are planning a party there is no better light snack than dips; create your own range of dips or salsa with your blender in minutes. The Magimix blender also provides the perfect way to make delicious home made food for your baby or young toddler; just choose the healthy ingredients that will help them to grow strong and blend away. The versatility of this piece of kitchen equipment is amazing.

Robot coupe stick Blender

Robot coupe stick blender for the commercial kitchen are the closest yet to absolute stick blending perfection. Safe to use, simply efficient, these latest models represent a revolution in hygienic food preparation. The hand held design features a powerful motor, which allows the processing of quantities up to 200 litres. The range offers Mixers, Whisk and Variable Speed functions to achieve perfect results when making soups, sauces, chocolate mousse, pancake batter, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, beaten egg whites, onion gravy, and so on. All the machines are ergonomically designed, with safety, water-tightness and ease of cleaning of paramount importance. User-friendly features include speed self-regulation system to guarantee better catering machinesworking comfort and processing consistency. Wall holders are supplied for easy storage of the machines. There is three groups of these robot coupe hand blenders first the Robot coupe mini range of stick blenders ideal for caterers for use on small capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis.these are the robot coupe Stick blenders MMP mini range. Then there is the compact range of stick blenders ideal for caterers for use on up to 45 litre capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis some models with whisks these are the CMP stick blender or compact range then there is the MP stick blender or standard range for use on up to 300 litre capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis some models with whisks. So weather you are small caterers or large food producers there is a professional stick blender from robot coupe.

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