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Magimix 5200 XL Guide

Magimix 5200xl Food Processor Quiet Mark

Details:  Large 5200 Food Processor Extra large feed tube for fruit & Vegetables, 1100W commercial grade motor with 30 year guarantee (for normal domestic use - Basically the same you would have in a washing machine with no belts or brushes)

Ideal for a Large family, a versatile food processor with all the functions you need every day in the kitchen, this will allow you to deal with the following capacities 30 year Guarantee

  • 1.5kg of pastry,

  • 1.2kg dough,

  • blend 1.8litre soups,

  • chop 1.4kg Meat,

  • whisking 8 egg whites. 

  • 1kg carrots or cheese, of whole vegetable preparation to be achieved quickly.

With the three bowls, the Cuisine systeme 5200 XL main bowl allows you to Chop, Puree, produce dough / pastry, blend, whip egg whites, and many other jobs.  The midi bowl extra large feed tube allows large amounts of slicing and shredding to be achieved quickly. 

Height 425 x Length 210 x Depth 260 mm

The Magimix 5200 XL is supplied in 4 colours  Satin 18591, Black 18584, Red 18585 Cream 18583

Magimix 5200 xl

The 5200 XL Cuisine systeme is delivered with ...

Main bowl with extra large feed lid and pusher - for mincing, mixing, chopping, kneading, grating, slicing, emulsifying, beating and more.

Midi bowl for sliced vegetables, fruit and other food preparation,Multipurpose Food processor

Mini bowl and Blade for chopping herbs, onions, salad dressings and Baby food.

2mm slicing disc for thin slices,

2mm grating disc for fine grating,

4mm slicing disc For medium slices like tomatoes,

4mm grating disc very popular for cheese and carrots,

BlenderMix attachment improves the blender function of the food processor for better soups, pancake batter, milkshakes and smoothies.

The Magimix dough blade, for perfect bread,

Egg whisk for whipped cream and fluffy meringues.

The main sabatier stainless blade, for purees, chopping & liquidising.

Also includes a instruction book with over 100 recipes, tips and diagrams. 

Magimix Motor is guaranteed for 30 years and parts for 3 years for normal domestic use. There is no Commercial warranty with this product.

The Magimix 5200 XL Premuim is a 5200 Xl with the following extra Parts

  • Extra Disc with storage box with - Parmesan disc for hard cheeses, crushed ice or grating Chocolate - 6mm grater for coleslaw or coarse grating of vegetables and shredding of fruits - 1mm Slicer for thin slicing of fruits or vegetables for crisps. 
  • Juicer / Smoothie Kit, A juice and coulis kit, for homemade juice, smoothies,  jams, jellies & sorbets. 

The Magimix 5200 XL Premuim is available in 4 colours  Satin 18714, Black 18712, Red 18713 and Cream 18716

Additional Accessories available for Magimix 5200 XL 

Juicer / Smoothie Kit, A juice and coulis kit , For homemade juice, smoothies,  jams, jellies & sorbets.17652

Citrus Press 4200xl 5200 xl, Ideal for juicing citrus fruits. 17360 

Magimix Moulis, Mash, baby Food Kit, For creating mashed potatoes & baby food purees. 17040

6mm Coarse Grater Disc for 3200,4200, 5200 & XL Model - Reference: 17368

Coarse grating disc is Ideal for crunchy coleslaw, apple, cheese, mozzarella shredding cabbage, onions, carrots, shredded potatoes for potato rosti.

Magimix 6mm Slicing Disc 3200 5200 4200 5200xl 4200xl 3200xl - Reference: 17371

Thick or large slicing disc ideal for preparing vegetables for casseroles. Allso for eggs peppers, courgettes, kiwi, beetroot, leek, melons, aubergines

Magimix Parmesan Disc 3200 4200 5200 4200XL 5200XL -  Reference: 17372

Ideal for very quick fresh Parmesan, Ice cube grater to make crushed ice, breadcrumbs and to also make grated chocolate for dessert toppings.

Magimix 2 x 6 Julienne Cutter 3200 4200 5200 4200xl 5200xl - Reference: 17016

Ideal for 2mm x 6mm vegetable strips. A tip for "straight" julienne carrots is to chill the carrots,or use from fridge and place into feed tube horizontally.

Magimix 12 x 2 Julienne Disc 3200 4200 5200xl Patissier - Reference: 17017

Extra wide Julienne 12mm x 2mm Ideal for strips of ham, thick shredding of fruit and vegetables strips for stir fry 3200 4200 5200 & Patissier

Magimix Fluted Disc For 3200, 4200 5200 all XL & Patissier - Reference: 17018

Magimix food processor fluted disc for ripple cut vegetables and fruit, gives a salad or fruit salad a professional look, 6mm ripple cut slicer or 6mm fluted.

Magimix Julienne Cutter 3200 4200 5200 4200xl 5200xl 17373  -  Reference: 17373

2mm x 2mm vegetable strips julienne for matchsticks carrots is to chill the carrots, from fridge and place into feed tube horizontally.

Magimix 1mm Slicing Disc 5200 3200 4200 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl - Reference 17431

Magimix 1mm slicing disc 5200 3200 4200 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl For very fine slicing, crisps or thin fruit slices only available from BBS ltd.

Extra Disc Kit 3200 4200 5200 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl -  Reference: 17043

This kit includes a 1mm slicer disc for very thin slicing. 6mm grater for Coleslaw Parmesan disc for hard cheese chocolate & ice Storage Box Provided

Magimix Creative Kit 3200 4200 5200 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl -  Reference: 17653

The kit includes a julienne disc, an extra wide julienne disc, and a fluted disc for cutting fresh fruit and veg & Storage box.

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