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Food processor XL Upgrade Kits

The Magimix motors have a fantastic reputation of lasting a long time (Latest Magimix motors have a 30 year guarantee).  If your machine is in good condition you can upgrade your older Magimix food processor models to use the Latest stronger, thicker and Flexible bowl and lid kit, Upgrading your 3100 to a 3200xl, 4100 to 4200xl, 5100 to 5200xl, allowing you to use all the latest discs and attachments, with a 3 year guarantee and a promise that these bowls and lids will be available for 30 years.

So why replace your machine? Just re-invent your Magimix food processor with the upgrade kit for models: 

Magimix 3100 3150 3160 3200 to 3200xl - Compact bowl kit 
Separate Selling Price £138.95 - £90.00

Magimix 4000 4100 4200 to 4200xl Cuisine Systeme multi cuve kit
Separate Selling Price £148.95 - £95.00

  Magimix 5000 5100 5200 to 5200xl Cuisine Systeme multi cuve kit
Separate Selling Price £158.95 - £99.00

The OLD bowls and lids for the Magimix Compact 3100 Cuisine systeme 4000 4100 5000 5100 are no longer available....

Kit The kit includes:Food processor Kit upgrade

Main bowl - new stronger thicker non-toxic BPA free Triton (use your current main blade
Midi bowl - for a wide range of slicing and grating functions.
Mini bowl - for small quantities. 
Mini blade - new serrated blade, for fish and meat. 
XL lid - allowing for larger vegetables or food preparation.
Xl pusher - for whole potatoes or fruits etc. 
Egg whisk - for fluffy meringues.

Disc support - new style drive simply fits on your spindle. 
2mm slicer - popular for thin slicing of cucumber in seconds.  
2mm grater - popular for fine shredding of carrots -  (
Old star shaped centres discs will not fit this kit.

These kits simply fit onto the exsisting base - upgrading your Magimix Cuisine Systeme or Magimix Compact to the same as the very latest models, with the same 3 year guarantee allowing you to use the latest attachments ... dice, French fry, batons, spiralise, julienne, etc.  Once upgraded this allows lots of additional accessories in the Magimix Range.  

There might be some confusion as to the true safety of plastics claiming to be BPA-free, but we want to set the record straight. Not only is Tritan™ a BPA-free plastic, it doesn’t contain BPS (bisphenol S) or any other bisphenols. Tritan has been tested by four third-party labs and shown to be free of any estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free). Combine that with shatter resistance and you’ve got a tough plastic that is safe enough to trust with your family.

Dicing Kit baton kitJuicerspiral expertCreative Disc

Magimix Dicing, French Fry or Baton Kit  Reference: 17639  This kit is for the 3200XL 4200XL 5200XL Patissier. For dicing or making batons with vegetables or fruit. French Fries please click for more info on compatability ......

Magimix Spiral Expert 4200 4200xl 5200 5200xl Patissier only Reference: 17501 - * attachment to spiralise -  change vegetables into deliciously healthy spaghetti, fusilli or tagliatelle. Replacing traditional pasta and rice with goodness.

Magimix Juicer, Smoothie Maker 4200 5200 4200XL 5200XL models Reference: 17652 - the Magimix juice and puree kit is ideal for extracting from fruit and vegetables. Can be used to make quick and easy smoothies, also for 4150 and 5150 models.

Magimix Juicer, Smoothie Maker 3200 3150 3160 3200XL models  Reference: 17651 -  the Magimix juice and puree kit is ideal for extracting from fruit and vegetables. Can be used to make quick and easy smoothies, also for 4150 and 5150 models.

Extra Disc Kit 3200 4200 5200 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl -  Reference: 17043:This kit includes a 1mm slicer disc for very thin slicing. 6mm grater for coleslaw and a parmesan disc for hard cheese chocolate and ice. Storage box provided.

Magimix Creative Kit 3200 4200 5200 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl -  Reference: 17653:Ideal for being creative. The kit includes a julienne disc, an extra wide julienne disc and a fluted disc for cutting fresh fruit and vegetables. Storage box provides safe storage.

6mm Coarse Grater Disc for 3200,4200, 5200 & XL Model - Reference: 17368: Coarse grating disc is ideal for crunchy coleslaw, apple, cheese, mozzarella, shredding cabbage, onions, carrots, shredded potatoes for potato rosti.

6mm Slicing Disc 3200 5200 4200 5200xl 4200xl 3200xl - Reference: 17371  Thick or large slicing disc ideal for preparing vegetables for casseroles. Also for egg, pepper, courgette, kiwi, beetroot, leek, melon and aubergine.

Parmesan Disc 3200 4200 5200 4200XL 5200XL -  Reference: 17372 - Ideal for very quick fresh parmesan. Use the parmesan grater to make crushed ice, breadcrumbs and grated chocolate for dessert toppings.

2 x 2 Julienne Disc 3200 4200 5200 4200xl 5200xl 17373  -  Reference: 17373 - 2mm x 2mm vegetable strips julienned. For matchstick carrots chill the carrots and place into feed tube horizontally.

2 x 6 Julienne Cutter 3200 4200 5200 4200xl 5200xl - Reference: 17016 - Ideal for 2mm x 6mm vegetable strips. A tip for "straight" julienne carrots is to chill the carrots and place into feed tube horizontally.

12 x 2 Julienne Disc 3200 4200 5200xl Patissier - Reference: 17017 - Extra wide julienne 12mm x 2mm. Ideal for strips of ham, thick shredding of fruit and vegetable strips for stir fry.

Fluted Disc For 3200, 4200 5200 all XL & Patissier - Reference: 17018 - Magimix food processor fluted disc for ripple cut vegetables and fruit, gives a salad or fruit salad a professional look, 6mm ripple cut slicer or 6mm fluted.

1mm Slicing Disc 5200 3200 4200 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl - Reference 17431 Magimix 1mm slicing disc 5200 3200 4200 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl For very fine slicing, for crisps or thin fruit slices only available from BBS Ltd.





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