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Magimix Juicers

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Magimix Juicers

The Magimix Le Duo XL plus is only 20 centimetres wide, so doesn’t take up too much surface space. It has a quiet commercial motor basically the same as a washing machine with an amazing 30 year guarantee, It takes about two minutes to juice four apples weighing 500g, and produces approx 275ml of sufficiently smooth clear juice with an orchard-fresh aroma. This is a quality centrifugal juicer which is also supplied with a citrus press hence the "Le Duo" two function, but also now also comes with the innovative smoothie maker, getting even more yield from fruit and vegetables. The Magimix juicers (see Magimix Le Duo in useare produced in France with the same quality, reliability and 30 year motor guarantees as the robust food processors. The power of the Le Duo juicer is remarkable; with its unique design you can create all kinds of healthy juices including smoothies and home made fruit punch, perfect for those hot summer days and nights. Simply place the fruits of your choice and of any combination into the juicer, press the button and wait for your juice to flow freely out. Juicing attachments are also available for most Magimix food processors.


Le duo xl juicer

Le Duo XL Juicer

le duo xl plus smoothie maker
Le Duo XL Plus Juicer 

Magimix smoothie maker

Juice Extractors

Magimix Le duo spares

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Magimix Juicer XL and Citrus press

The Magimix Le Duo is perfectly designed to cope with all manner of fruits and vegetables, with different textures and sizes, and the cones that are provided can be easily changed for larger or smaller citrus fruits, while the robust stainless steel drum alternates making juices of harle duo xld fruits or vegetables simple, fast and very efficient. For fruit punch this process is so simple and quick; you can prepare the punch in advance for a party or simply make it in minutes as your guests arrive. When you want a delicious fruit smoothie you can let your imagination fly as you experiment with the Le Duo plus. Entertaining will be so incredibly simple when you have the Magimix Le Duo juicer working hard for you. Your friends and family will always come back for more of your delicious fruit punch and creamy fruit smoothies. The new Le Duo plus will also make exciting coulis from bananas and berries to impress your guests even more.  The Le Duo XL is perfectly designed to cope with all manner of fruits and vegetables, with different textures and sizes, and the cones that are provided can be easily changed for larger or smaller citrus fruits, while the robust stainless steel drum alternates making juices of hard fruits like apples or vegetables eg apples simply, fast and very efficient. This can also be used for sieving soups and bisques taking out the pips from cooked fruit like apples and pears. The clean white machine has been a popular colour for many years in small electrical machines. 



Magimix Duo Plus XL Juicer, Citrus press and Smoothie Maker

The Le Duo plus XL can juice citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges using the citrus press.  With the centrifugal juice extractor hard fruits and vegetables like apple and carrots can be easily juiced with the added use of a sieve for soups.  There is the added benefit of a coulis maker which extracts a thicker jus or puree from soft fruits or cooked vegetables, ideal for jams, jellies and thick power juices. The same as the Le Duo plus but has a larger feed tube for whole fruits, large amounts oMagimix duo plus xl f strawberries etc can be loaded at one time if making power juices. Magimix is a company that provides an excellent range of powerful juicers that are simple to use and that enable any chef to experiment to their heart's content. Le duo juice extractors all come with an exciting recipe book enabling you to make delicious fruit or vegetable cocktails flavoured with additional ingredients such as ginger.  For those who desire healthy eating with natural ingredients the Le Duo juicer can produce healthy drinks in seconds. Every juicer has been tailored to suit any home in its appearance with a range of colours which are both attractive and classic.

A juicer should be functional and fun to use; with this range of juicers this will always be the case. You will be amazed at how simple your model is to use, and at how much time will be saved so that you can prepare other parts of your meal without disruption. These quality juicers are specially designed so that it is easy and enjoyable to experiment with all kinds of ingredients to create many different recipes to share with your family and friends. You can make mouth-watering fruit drinks such as punch or smoothies for warm summer days by extracting the pulp and juice of so many fruits. You can even make tasty soups to warm you in the winter by extracting the juice of fresh tomatoes. The versatility of your juicer will be endless; think of all the delicious dips that you can prepare for parties that will guarantee that your guests return. You can place any range of fruits and some vegetables into your Magimix juicer and wait for the delicious results to be ready to use. A range of all spare parts are always available from this site.

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