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Food Processor Range

Magimix Range Food Processor Guide

Magimix food processors are built to last. Handmade in France. In a recent survey 84 percent of respondents were very satisfied with their Magimix Voted as the best machine. Extra parts can be bought for it. Very safe. Magimix also got the highest reliability score – 96 percent of its food processors had never needed repair. “Magimix are amazing machines. Buy the best and only once.” “Expensive at the time, but worth the money.”

Magimix were the originalMagimix food processor pioneers of the food processor. The Magimix name has evolved into a sign of quality and innovation. The food processor has changed nowadays to one machine to mix, grate, blend, liquidise, juice, citrus press, Moulis, mini chopper and whisk. There will always be something to suit your needs and the décor of your kitchen. All with 30 year motor guarantees and three years on parts.

 Food processor 3200 xl
   Compact 3200 xl
 Food mixer 4200 xl
 Cuisine systeme 4200 xl
5200 XL Range
Cuisine systeme 5200 xl
Cook expert 18900 18902
Cook expert 

Magimix Compact 3200 xl - Small Compact Range

BBS Ltd can supply a range of food mixers to suit all home catering needs and all sizes of parties. 30 year guaranteeThe 3200 model is specifically designed to prepare a variety of food for a small family or group of three to four people. With the 3200xl Magimix food processor line you can make a wide range of different recipes such as soups, sauces, bread dough, purees and dips for guests in minutes, and create tasty treats for your family in no time. The Compact 3200 XL range line takes up very little space on the kitchen worktop so that you can go about preparing your ingredients with no disruption caused by a crowded surface. Your kitchen will be a place you will love to spend time in with your food mixer and you will have hours of enjoyment in creating hundreds of delicious dishes efficiently and quickly. The new blendermix feature works with the main blade creating milkshakes and smoothies in a matter of minutes. An entire range of accessories and Magimix spares are available from this website. The Compact 3200xl comes in Satin 18361, Black 18363, Red 18364 and Cream 18365, effect finishes matching your kitchen decor.     

Magimix 4200 XL Range - Medium Food Processor

When you are entertaining a group of four to five people and need a quality machine to make your dishes, storage box the Magimix 4200 xl range is the perfect solution. This unique line is slightly larger than the 3200 line but its compact design still only takes up very little space on your work surface. The 4200 line is ideal for creating a wide range of mouth-watering recipes that you can serve to your family and friends with pride. The new blendermix improves the blender feature of your food mixer, creating milkshakes and smoothies in very little time and you can prepare dishes that will be delicious and will make everyone come back for more. The technology of the Magimix food mixer cuisine systeme 4200 range can make it simple for you to become the ultimate host through efficient entertaining, and your food the epitome of fine dining with its taste and presentation. An entire range of accessories and spares available from this site can only add to the enjoyment. The 4200 comes in a range of colours to match your kitchen. The 4200XL is the latest in a long line of food processors. The XL adds a much larger feed tube & pusher for greater convenience and speed when slicing, shredding or grating large amounts of vegetables, larger potatoes, cabbage, cheese, etc. With a 950w commercial grade motor and a 3 litre bowl, the 4200xl is ideal for 4-5 people, for those who love to entertain guests or have small catering needs for slicing or grating. The Magimix 4200xl is supplied in five colours: White 18470, Satin 18471, Black 18473, Red 18474 and Cream 18475

Magimix 5200 xl Range - Large Food Processor

Magimix 5200xl range is designed to help you cope with large scale entertaining, five people or more, so all your guests are provided with exquisite dishes. Quiet Mark The 5200 XL food mixer is is the largest model but only takes up a similar amount of space on your kitchen worktop as both the 3200 and 4200 machines. The new blender mix feature just adds to the ease and performance of this 5200XL and improves the blender feature. You will find it so simple to prepare a range of delectable culinary delights; you will love spending time being creative in your kitchen. There will be no limit to the experimentation that you can enjoy, and the superb technology of the 5200XL range will make it effortless to be efficient in your cookery. With the 5200XL’s design and excellent range of accessories and spares available, you will create truly tempting recipes in a matter of minutes and prepare a wide selection of servings that will delight your family and friends, no matter how many you cater for.  The XL means a much larger feed tube and pusher for greater convenience and speed when slicing, shredding or grating larger potatoes, cabbage, cheese, etc. The new design also allows the 5200xl food processor to be used left or right handed with comfort. Building on the strengths of the name the Magimix 5200XL features a commercial grade 1100W motor and a 3.7 litre mixing bowl. This machine is suited to large food preparation for somebody that needs to slice or grate in quantities or preparation for large parties and dinners. The Magimix 5200 XL is supplied in five colours: White 18590, Satin 18591, Black 18584, Red 18585 and Cream 18583

Magimix Cook Expert

Magimix Cook Expert allows cooking-from-scratch experience, time-saving, all-in-one appliance able to produce a vast range of dishes, from starters to desserts, to feed between 2-12 people. It can chop, slice, grate, steam, sear, brown, simmer, stir, blend and knead. Perfect for cooks of all abilities from beginner to expert, who want to efficiently accomplish cooking from an intimate dinner to batch cooking.  

With a 30-year motor guarantee and regular FREE "plug in updates" to keep up with latest cooking trends. The Cook Expert can replace many other machines in the kitchen, it becomes .... a stand mixer, food processor, blender, two-layered steamer, slow-cooker, soup maker, warming and proving oven .... even has a auto-rinse programme to speed clearing up.


Cook: Perfect cooking from 30°C to 160°C
Bake: Everything that is needed for prepping excellent homemade bread and pastry
Food Processor: Professionally grate, chop and slice
Steam: Large steaming capacity to preserve flavour and nutrients
Blender: Frozen desserts, smoothies or cocktails
Expert: Be in charge with the Expert programme. This manual mode allows you to tailor the time, speed and temperature (to the nearest degree).

Featuring the full functionality of a Magimix 5200xl Food Processor with its unique 3 in 1 bowl, for grating, mincing and chopping, new innovations comprise a stainless steel dual walled Thermo Bowl to cook and keep food warm for up to 2 hours, a Simmer & Stir function for ‘hands free’ slow cooking up to 4 hours, and smart induction feature for cooking up to 160° and intelligent temperature control.

If you want to produce interesting creative dishes and know that fresh, home cooked food is the best way to eat and live – for health, sustainability and pleasure. The Cook Expert also has its own recipes on the extensive new Magimix app, which includes a comprehensive bank of tried and tested Magimix recipe ideas and inspiration for every culinary occasion. There is also a dedicated cookery book in the box. It even comes with its own global community of enthusiasts sharing recipes and tips via the dedicated Facebook group (Cook Expert UK – Magimix).

Magimix 5 a day

Le Mini Food Processors Range

BBS Ltd can supply food processors to suit all little chefs whether they are professional or are creating dishes in the home. The Le Mini food processor is perfect for those who need efficient technology on a smaller scale, to use for a very small family or a compact kitchen. The Le Mini is designed perfectly to work in cosier spaces so that the maximum amount of power can be used with the minimum amount of space being taken up. This unique model with its selection of useful spares will make it possible for you to create a range of tasty treats and even make the process fun. You will love to experiment with the power and proficiency of the Magimix Le Mini, making the kitchen your favourite room in the house. The design of the Le Mini will ensure that every dish is delicious and edible in minutes. 

Le Micro Mini Chopper

The Le Micro available from BBS Ltd is ideal for people who just need an onion chopped or a sauce prepared in minutes. This mini chopper is a distinctively designed piece of machinery that will enhance your culinary experience. This mini chopper is not only fast and compact but the powerful technology incorporated into the Le Micro will enable you to create appetising sauces in minutes and enjoy entertaining on a new level. The Le Micro is designed to emulsify in seconds and is particularly good for baby food and also preparing herbs. The Le Micro instruction book is already a big hit with some fantastic recipes for pesto, Latino chilli sauce, aubergine caviar and tzatziki to name a few.

Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processors

BBS Ltd supplies a large range of commercial food processors. The range ensures there will always be something to suit the size of your kitchen or catering needs. There is a food processor model for all catering uses, the smaller R101 food processor model for up to 15 covers with a 1.9 litre bowl, the R201 commercial food mixer for up to 20 covers with a 2.9 litre bowl, the R211 food processer for up to 30 covers with a 2.9 litre bowl and the very popular Robot Coupe R301 for up to 70 covers with a 3.5 litre bowl, stainless blades and discs with external vegetable preparation attachment. The R401 for up to 90 covers with a 4.5 litre bowl and, for even bigger needs, the amazing R502 stainless steel food processor for up to 300 covers with a massive 5.5 litre bowl, or the R602 for up to 400 covers, with a 6.5 litre bowl is a large catering machine for food manufacturers. All food processor machines are supplied with s-blades, knives, bowls, discs and all Robot Coupe food processor parts are kept in stock. Robot Coupe spares available at 

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