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Magimix Le Glacier Ice Cream Maker Instruction 11047 11048




Recipe book for Magimix ice cream Le Glacier. with ice cre & sorbets, delicious home made ice creams recipes plus full Instructions for Magimix 11047 11048 11042 11140



Vanilla ice cream 

Dark chocolate ice cream 

Coffee ice cream 

Rum and Raisin ice cream 

Strawberry Sorbet 

Mango sorbet 

Green apple sorbet

Lemon sorbet

Yohurt and raspberry ice cream

Yoghurt based vanilla ice cream

Owning an Le glacier ice cream maker allows you to invent according to your desires and according to the ingredients, ice creams, sorbets or frozen yogurts
These golden rules will ensure the success of your creations:
Principle 1: an ice cream recipe must be balanced
Quality ice cream is based on a fair proportion of the different ingredients: liquid (milk, cream,water ...), dry matter (sugar, powdered milk, etc.) and fat (milk, cream, butter)
The recipes in the book have been developed respecting the balance of all these ingredients
If you replace whole milk with skimmed milk for example, this will significantly change the texture.of your ice cream
The balance of the recipe is essential to achieve the desired firmness or lightness
Principle 2: the role of ingredients
Use whole milk for a smoother result.
Adding powdered milk increases the proportion of dry matter in the preparation which reinforces the smoothness
Use full cream with a minimum of 30% fat. The type of cream used determines the richness of the taste and the creamy texture ice cream
The higher the fat content, the better your ice cream. The more milky your preparation, the smoother your ice cream will be,
The sugar content enhances the taste and texture of the ice cream but reduces its firmness
Choose ripe, seasonal fruits for a more pronounced flavor. For a sorbet: the amount of sugar may vary depending on the maturity of your fruits Taste them first If they are acidic, add sugar to your preparation. However, if they are ripe, reduce the recommended amount of sugar. A recipe containing a high proportion of sugar, fat or alcohol increases the time to freeze.
Principle 3: be specific
Successful ice cream requires a lot of precision. A thermometer is useful for egg-based preparations. Above 85 ° C, eggs will Curdle. A scale is essential. Weighing ingredients very precisely is essential to achieve quality ice cream (see principle 1)
Principle 4: let your Ice cream custard "base" rest. In order to properly refine the texture and aromas of the ice creams, it is essential to let your preparation rest for 12 hours before putting it in the glacier at approximately 10 ° C

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