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Magimix not working ?

Magimix food processors don`t usually just stop ! ... here are some quick tests 

Pencil Test  

You can test your Magimix Motor Base, without any bowls or attachments follow these instructions 

Check the fuse is in the plug and there are no cuts or damage to the Lead. 

Take off all bowls attachments and blades.  

Plug in the machine and turn on at the wall, push the ON /AUTO button.

From the ON button go up and across the top and you will see a round hole, keeping hands away from the Spindle, push a pencil in the little hole and the Machine should start.

When the Bowls and lids are put together - off the machine, the bowl rod should come out of the bottom of the handle (this is the same as sticking a pencil in the hole) if the rod does not come out, the lid or bowl maybe broken, (or in XL models you have not put the pusher in the XL lid).     

Click here - See You tube video


If your motor is just Humming and not going round, it could be simply the capacitor. You will need a competent person to change. A start capacitor alters the Speed automatically, if the machine is stored in damp conditions or overfilled this can happen. When switched off, try turning the spindle by hand does the spindle move freely?

Spindle Damaged 

Does the motor work but the blade not turn? - the plastic spindle could be damaged, check the spindle, it should have two flat sides, if they are rounded off, these are made in plastic - to avoid damage to the motor, you will need a blade kit as the inside of the blade will be damaged.    

Compact 3100 3150 3200 3200 XL - 17706 

Cuisine Systeme 4000 4100 4150 4200 4200 XL - 17715

Cuisine Systeme 5000 5100 5150 5200 5200 XL - 17710

What is an Induction Motor?

Magimix Motor Manufactured in France, new processors come with a ultra quiet commercial grade induction motor that bears a 30-year guarantee*

An induction motor is a commonly used in washing machines and industrial processes where the user needs longevity and reliability. Brushless motors have no gear box or belts ensuring longer service lives. They are cleaner and quieter because they do not have parts that rub or wear during use. Magimix has always boasted an industrial-grade, direct-drive induction motor, the capacitor automatically adjusts its power to the task in hand. The motor is guaranteed for 30 years*. The original magimix 1800 2000 & R1 motors have lasted for more than 50 years, the new motors are built exactly the same in the same factory in France.



Magimix Guarantees 

Magimix guarantee* does not cover any damage resulting from :

  •  A fall or impact Incorrect handling not in compliance with the instructions for use
  • Insufficient aftercare or cleaning

  • The product being connected to an electrical power supply with a voltage different to that shown on the identification plate

  • External events (fire, flood, etc.)

  • Commercial use (including small offices)


Magimix's early experience in professional kitchen equipment has taught them the importance of designing simple, efficient, durable products. They pay particular attention to the quality of the materials and components used to ensure that all their domestic appliances are built to last at least ten years, when used for domestic purposes. Thus, all the food processor, blender and juicer motors are guaranteed for 30 years*. The longevity of our products ensures less waste is generated therefore less strain is put on natural resources. 

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