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Magimix Dicing, French Fry Or Baton Kit - 10mm Dice 17639




This kit is for the 3200XL 4200XL 5200XL patissier For dicing or making Batons with vegetables or fruit. please click for more info on compatability ......


Magimix 17639 Dicing , French Fry or Baton Kit

designed to make fruit and vegetable batons or chips from Potatoes and other vegetables, the batons are 10mm by 10mm. The magimix dicer part uses a an additional 10mm disc to set the cubes at 10mm x 10mm x 10mm ideal for fruit salad or great looking cubed vegetables. Supplied with cleaning tool, inside pusher.

Magimix RRP £90

Tips & Advice

Some cuts will inevitably be irregular, depending on the shape and size of your fruit and vegetables.

Particularly hard (e.g. carrots) or simply firm-textured foods should be cooked beforehand.

To achieve the best possible results, hard or long vegetables (e.g. cucumber) should be cut into 4-cm pieces.

When used to dice soft or very small items of food (e.g. strawberries), the kit will produce irregular shapes rather than cubes.

Make sure you remove all stones, pips and/or peel (e.g. banana, orange, kiwi fruit, avocado) before dicing your fruit or vegetables.

Most cheeses are too soft to dice, although Emmental-type cheeses can be cut into sticks. To dice feta cheese or smoked tofu, cut it into pieces first, and remove the slicing disc. For an even better result, place the cheese or tofu in the freezer for a few minutes beforehand. 

This attachment cannot be used for dicing ham. 

Do not press the pusher down too hard or you will damage the dicing kit3 year parts guarantee

This product has a Magimix Three year guarantee for domestic use 

Customer are asked to read this information before ordering this product.

If the machine is turned upside down, the machine number will be on rectangular plate this should say the following models

All Magimix 3200 XL MODELS - 18334 18360 18361 18363 18364 18365 18370 18371 17373 18374 18375

All Magimix 4200 XL Models 18403 18404 18422 18432 18435 18434 18436 18470 18471 18473 18474 18475 and 85427

All Magimix 5200 XL Models -  18514 18519 18522 18523 18524 18531 18532 18533 18534 18535 18536 18537 18583 18584 18585 18590 18591, basically this can be used with all XL machines. 

Magimix Patissier Models 18615 18616 18617 18619 18618

Magimix Cook Expert 18900 18901 18902 18903 18904

You will need additional parts For the following Magimix 5200 & 4200 cuisine systeme models

Models Magimix 4200 - 18426, 18427, 18428, 18429, models Magimix 5200 18526, 18527 and 18528. This part will work with these models, but will need an additional 17333 - XL lid to be able to use.

Models Magimix 4200 - 18400, 18420, 18421, 18402, models Magimix 5200 18500, 18501, 18520 and 18521. This part will work with these models, but will need an additional 17333 - XL lid and XL disc support to be able to use, 

You will need additional parts For the following Magimix Compact 3200 models

Models Magimix 3200 - 18326, 18327, 18328. 18347 18348 This part will work with these models, but will need an additional 17447 - XL lid to be able to use,

Models Magimix 3200 - 18300, 18320, 18321. This part will work with these models, but will need an additional 17447 - XL lid and XL disc support to be able to use.   

For models Compact 3100, Cuisine Systeme 4000, 4100, 5000, 5100, You MUST have purchased or intend to Purchase a upgrade kit

 (C) BBS ltd

if you unsure phone 01252 727755



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