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Magimix 5100 5000 Cuisine Systeme Bowl - Lid Set 17549




Magimix Model 5000 5100 5150 5200 New Design Stronger Plastic Bowl, Lid, XL pusher, Slicing & Grating Bowl, Mini Bowl & Mini blade, Egg whisk, 2mm Grater - 2mm Slicer Disc


Magimix 17549 - 5100 Cuisine Systeme Complete Bowl with Lid Set  - Simply fits the Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5000, 5100 Multi cuve, 5150, 5200. These kits have been very sucessful, this is the only way to buy a lid or bowl - The old style bowl 5100 Bowl or 5100 Lid are NO longer available ....

These kits are Guaranteed for 3 years and Dishwasher safe. Magimix motors have a reputation of lasting a long Time - add this kit to get years out of your motor base.

Kit The kit includes :-

Stronger Main bowl with Grey handle - BPA Free Triton

Stronger extra large lid allowing more air, whole potatoes etc.

Midi bowl to allow you to Slice, Grate quickly.   

Mini bowl new bigger Bowl for onions, herbs, Sauces

Mini Serrated Blade for chopping small amounts i.e. fish and meat

Egg whisk for fluffy meringues 

Disc support New style (allowing choice of 10+ different discs)  

2mm Slicer disc - New improved Slice for cucumbers etc 2mm Grater disc - New balanced fine Grater

** DO NOT throw anything away until you have checked the kit** READ instructions supplied3 year parts guarantee

This kit does NOT include the main blade or dough blade. Your original white blades will fit, if you suspect your spindle is worn or blade blunt, we would advise to purchase a NEW improved blade, spindle & dough blade kit ??

NEW extra large lid - allows larger Vegetables and fruit to be cut, domed lid allows more air, but take out the smaller feed tube when making cakes and bread to allow air into the mixture.

2mm slicer and 2mm grater are supplied, the most commonly used - there are many NEW discs and attachments to be added, allowing lots of exciting new food processing ?? See special offer on discs Old * star shaped centre discs will not fit this kit.



Despatched immediately (if in Stock)
In Stock

Alternative Options

Magimix Blade - Spindle Kit 5000 5100 5200 5200xl 6200 Magimix Blade - Spindle Kit 5000 5100 52...
£40.00 ( Inc VAT)

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